Sunday, November 19, 2017   08:00:38
NIOC, Gazprom sign LNG deal

TEHRAN (NIOC) - Russia’s gas giant, Gazprom signed a initial agreement with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) that visualizes cooperation the...
Total officially permitted to initiate Iran project

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ French energy giant Total received work permits for its foreign staff from Iran – a move that has officially put the company in to...
Total to conform to any US sanctions on Iran: CEO

TEHRAN (NIOC) - Total has opened an office in Washington to coordinate its operations in Iran where the French oil and gas major plans to develose...
Iran’s oil sales to Asia highest in six months

TEHRAN (NIOC) - The latest market figures show that Asian buyers increased their purchases of crude oil from Iran in September for a third straionth...

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