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Roknoddin Javadi was assigned as Managing Director of National Iranian Oil Company Roknoddin Javadi was assigned as Managing Director of National Iraninan Oil Company (NIOC) and Deputy oil minister late Tuesday by Iranian Oil minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh.
NIOC (TEHRAN) _   Javadi was proposed to be appointed as the managing director of National Iranian Oil Company and deputy oil minister by NIOC Board of Directors and under Parliment's Article 5 of the Law.
Iranian Oil Minister, Zanganeh, thanked the former CEO of  NIOC, Ahmad Ghalebani, in a letter and expressed appreciation towards his efforts put during his tenure as the managing director.
Regarding Parliment's legislations on tasks and powers assigned to Petroleum Minister, primary and alternate members of the Board of Directors of the National Iranian Oil Company has been issued for a period of three years are as follows:
1.      Roknoddin Javadi (Primary member)
2.      Habib Aminfar (Primary member)
3.      Hormoz Ghalavand (Primary member)
4.      Abd Al-Mohammad Delparish (Primary member)
5.      Mohsen Ghamsari (Primary member)
6.      Hamid Bovard (Primary member)
7.      Mohammad Reza Firouzmand (Alternate member)
8.      Mohammad Ali Emadi (Alternate member)
9.      Seyyed Asghar Hendi (Alternate member)