Wednesday, December 01, 2021   19:48:31
First Train of South Pars Phase 14 Refinery Online in Winter: Min.

TEHRAN (NIOC) – Iranian Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji said the first train of the phase 14 refinery of the South Pars gas field would come on stream in the winter this year.

Speaking to reporters during a visit to Assaluyeh on Friday, Mr. Owji said, "I thank God that I succeeded in making my first business trip to Assaluyeh region as the Iranian Minister of Petroleum; over the course of this trip I visited gas refineries, petrochemical complexes and platforms of South Pars.”

He considered the supply of winter fuel as one of the most important concerns of the Ministry of Petroleum at present, and added: “More than 700 million cubic meters or in other words 70% of the country's gas consumption is supplied from Bushehr Province and the South Pars refineries

The Minister of Petroleum noted last night's meeting with the managers of the oil industry in the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone and positively evaluated the meeting, saying the latest state of the refineries and ongoing projects in the region were the focus of the meeting

Owji expressed hope that with the decisions taken this year, the maximum production and recovery of gas from the South Pars joint field will be achieved

He underlined the South Pars Refinery Phase 14 as the last refinery to come on stream, and added: "Our comrades have promised that the first gas sweetening train South Pars Refinery Phase 14 will be put into operation this winter and will help the country's gas network

The Minister of Petroleum arrived in Assaluyeh on Thursday evening on his first business visit in his new post, and after attending the tomb of the anonymous martyrs of Assaluyeh, examined the gas and petrochemical projects based in the area in a meeting with the relevant managers in the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone


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