• National Iranian Oil Company
    • 13031668000 Sales of crude oil and petroleum products
      • 13031668100 Sales of crude oil and petroleum products a.png
        Marketing (including issues related to supply and demand, pricing and contracting), as well as its operational responsibility (including coordination, planning and delivery of the country's gas condensate products), coordination of crude oil consumption of the country's refineries and private consumers

      • 1303668101 Foreign Sales of Crude Oil a.png
        Planning, organizing, directing and supervising the marketing, sales, or exchange of crude oil and concluding and executing relevant contracts internationally based on the current price index and conducting market studies and constant monitoring of price changes and supervising the settlement of contractual disputes

    • 13032439000 Provide petroleum seismic reports and hydrocarbon geological reports
      • 13032439000 Provide petroleum seismic reports and hydrocarbon geological reports a.png
        Seismography is a study method based on physical measurement (sound resistance) of the earth and creating an image of subsurface structures. In seismic methods, which exist in two types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional seismography, by emitting sound waves from artificial energy sources such as seismic machines and memorizers in the ground and measuring the reflection waves and the time of arrival of the wave, the image below the surface of the earth is created in the form of seismic sections, which from the interpretation of these sections, an image and a map of the geometry of geological structures in the depths of the earth are obtained, and based on these maps, geological studies and exploratory excavations are performed.

TEHRAN (NIOC) -- Iran, as a founding member of OPEC, would definitely continue its constructive interaction with the OPEC and would effectively support our new Secretary General as well as the OPEC Secretariat, Iranian Petroleum Minister said on Wednesday.

TEHRAN (NIOC) – The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, OPEC+ coalition, agreed on Wednesday to increase crude oil output by 100,000 barrels per day in September.


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