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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Khazar Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO)

Discovery of oil in the deep waters of the Caspian Sea for the first time in the history of Iran oil industry
The company mission includes: mission and performance of contracts in exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas, processing and transport of crude oil and petroleum products in reservoirs and ports. And also other tasks approved by the General Assembly to participate in the geographic area of the Caspian Sea, including the provinces of Golestan, Gilan and Mazandaran.
Achievements and activities performed in KEPCO
Plans and projects:

  • Iran's semi-submersible drilling platform operation named Amir Kabir
  • Operation of the support and multi-purpose vessels named Caspian I and II
  • Providing a deep water technology road map aimed at increasing energy security andsupply of technologies for the future
  • Cooperation with academia, research and academic projects required for operations
  • Regional cooperation with neighboring countries in Caspian area in the security, environment protection and etc.
  • Establishment and improvement of HSE management system in order to achieve the objectives of safety, health and environment
    Performance of environmental projects and projects in accordance with the standards of deep water (preparing maneuvers for a possible release of oil pollution, etc.)...
  • Review and update the information on the South Caspian Study Group (SCSG) and probable reserves in the south Caspian
  • Discovery of oil in the reservoir layer Sardar Jangal and exploration of about two billion barrels of oil in the wells srj-x1F
  • Successful completion of the drilling and testing of second exploratory well  in the Sardar Jangal construction (srj-x2c) at a depth of 3488 meters in September 2014
  • Perform and completion of two-dimensional seismic survey in Golestan Province (Turkmen Sahra border region), a distance of 1250 km
Ongoing and future projects:
  • The final stages of setting up floating platform named Caspian III
  • Performance of comprehensive plan to combat oil pollution of the Caspian in cooperation with oceanographic institute
  • Exploratory drilling in onshore region of Golestan province
  • Exploratory drilling operations in the Caspian Sea blocks potential
  • Research projects in upper ground geological studies in Gorgan and Gonbad desert and comparison and equivalence it with the west Kope Dagh
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