Saturday, July 02, 2022   22:30:33
Investment Structure Necessary in NIOC Subsidiaries: CEO

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company emphasized that the business and investment structure should be established and active in the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company and the export-oriented approach should be considered in all sectors.

Speaking today, Mohsen Khojastehmehr told a ceremony honoring Seyed Saleh Hendi, former director of exploration at NIOC, and introducing Mehdi Fakoor to take over the position: “If there is no such structure, it should be created and if this structure is created, it should be strengthened in such a way that it is possible to refer work and benefit from the capabilities of business and investment units as well-known units at the level of companies and departments.”

He called the most important capital of the country and consequently the oil industry specialized human capital, and said: “All managers of the subsidiaries of the National Iranian Oil Company should understand the value of human capital, to strengthen and train manpower because if this capital is not there, other goals will remain only as wishes.”

Emphasizing on respecting and paying attention to the preservation of human capital, Khojastehmehr noted: “We should not allow our capable people and capitals to be insulted or slandered about; I do not even consider it permissible to slander previous managers.”

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company, noting that "education is not a cost but an investment", stressed the need to benefit from the latest scientific and operational findings based on education, and added: "In this direction, we must support the oil industry and the Institute for International Energy Studies and strengthen these complexes. Many efforts have been made to grow and promote such complexes, and they must not only act as the main backbone of the oil industry's organizational missions, they must even become export-oriented complexes.”


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