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Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, all oil contracts with foreign companies were declared null and void by the Council of Revolution. Iran’s joint companies with foreign countries were also dissolved.
In 1980 when the Iraqi imposed war against Iran started, Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) was established to handle all oil and gas fields in the Persian Gulf. Before the revolution, US and European companies were operating these projects. IOOC faced a big challenge during the1980-1988 devastating war which severely damaged offshore and onshore facilities in order to bring a halt to Iran’s oil supply. IOOC was established after the following five companies were dissolved: Iran-Italian Petroleum Company (Sirip), Lavan Petroleum Co. (Lapco), Iran Pan American Co. (Opac) and Iranian Marine Int. Oil Co. (Iminoco).
Sirip was operating Hendijan, Bahregansar and Norouz oil fields, Aipac was in charge of Forouzan, Soroush, Abouzar and Doroud fields, Lapco was running Salman and Balal fields, Iminoco was active in Resalat and Reshadat fields while Sofiran was in charge of oil fields in Siri island.
IOOC’s Message
Unitization with a view to guaranteeing the national interests of regional countries particularly those sharing oil and gas fields with Iran
Main Objectives
-         Exploration and development of oil and gas fields
-         Boosting production quantity and quality
-         Development of software and hardware knowledge
-         Contribution of staff in decision-makings
-         Meritocracy
-         Adherence to social, safety, health and environmental responsibilities
-         Optimal management of financial resources
IOOC’s Directorates
Production Affairs Directorate, Technical Affairs Directorate, Financial Affairs Directorate, Exploration Projects Directorate, Engineering and Construction Directorate, Commodity Procurement Directorate, Human Resources Directorate, Planning Directorate, Joint Fields Directorate
Zones of Operation
Bahregan: Hendijan, Bahregansar, Norouz, Soroush and Mahshahr fields
Kharg: Forouzan, Abouzar, Doroud, Esfandiar, Arash, Farzad A and Farzad B fields
Siri: Alvand, Esfand, Sivand, Dena, Nosrat, Farour A, Farour B fields
Lavan: Resalat, Reshadat, Salman, Balal and Alfa oil fields, Lavan and Salman gas fields
Kish: Kish gas field
Qeshm: Iran’s highest quality oil (46 degrees API) is produced in Hangam field in Qeshm. Hormuz A, B, D and F and Towsan and Taftan fields are also located in this zone.  
IOOC is one of the largest offshore oil and gas production companies in the world. It is tasked with extracting oil and gas from fields sprawling on more than 1,200 square kilometers of Persian Gulf (except for South Pars and North Pars) and the Sea of Oman. With half a century experience, IOOC is mainly operating in the Persian Gulf where are located seven top oil producers Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. That is why the Persian Gulf is known as the world’s energy hub and oil and gas exploration and production activities in the Persian Gulf are of great significance. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE hold together 63 percent of proven oil and 40 percent of proven gas reserves in the world.
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