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International Affairs Directorate
International Affairs Directorate is one of the subordinates of NIOC. Six deputies and a general Manager work under International Affairs Director: Crude Oil Marketing and Operation, Oil Products' Marketing and Operation, Research and Planning, Business Development, Administration and Protocols, Financial Affairs; and Division of Claims and Insurance. The directorate has five overseas offices in Europe and Asia including London, Rotterdam, Bombay, Singapore and Beijing. The whole directorate is responsible for marketing, sales, planning and coordination of all executive operation pertaining to export and import of crude oil and oil products in the crude and products' markets in the world.
 In order to perform the above mentioned missions and in order to achieve the determined objectives, some reports are prepared and offered to the staff so that they could precisely study every single market and adopt the required decisions. The reports are: analytical daily reports on crude and products' global markets including the price of exported and imported crude and products in every single market, refining margin status, crude and products' supply and demand, trend of changes in the price and cost of transportation and renting tankers; and other factors and parameters effective in them in every single market.
Major Activities
▪ Negotiating and corresponding with oil customers in line with implementation of contracts
▪Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports on oil global markets aimed at understanding the daily conditions of every single market, and maintaining and strengthening Iran's status in markets and finally benefitting from the reports in determining the official prices of exporting crude oil or products, and oil products' swap.
▪ Composing and signing crude and products' sales contracts through negotiations with oil companies
▪Planning and operational coordination of all oil cargoes: export, import or products' swap
▪Renting fixed or floating tanks for crude oil or products' storage, taking into consideration the global and/or regional conditions of every market
Overseas Offices
The philosophy behind establishment of overseas offices is the necessity of presence in the major oil markets, keeping in touch with the market players, holding face to face negotiations and meetings with customers. The overseas offices are also responsible for negotiating on new contracts and following up the manner of implementation of the current contracts (regarding delivery of oil and products' cargoes), preparing and offering the most important information, news, and analytical reports on oil and products' global and regional markets, reviewing refining margin, oil and crude supply and demand, and a lot of other cases.
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