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Research and Technology Directorate
With respect to optimized consumption of the country's limited oil reserves, utilizing the latest scientific and technological achievements in line with proper recovery from oil and gas reserves, on one hand; and removing the problems ahead of various steps of discovering new oil reserves (exploration), drilling, production with the lowest cost and highest efficiency on the other, has highlighted the necessity of implementation of research activities more than before. Based on this important issue, according to the approval of deputy Petroleum Minister's council, then minister officially announced the necessity of taking some measures: petroleum industry research system is expected to contribute to policy making, creating the required coordination to achieve growth, creativity, advancement and innovation in implementing research activities ,Particularly in oil upstream to foster dynamism in research ,and to choose effective approaches in exploration, drilling, production, and especially in EOR.
NIOC Research and Technology Directorate is fourteen years old now. The directorate and other research and technology departments in NIOC subsidiaries, play an important role in the petroleum industry. The directorate and the departments in the subsidiary companies pave the ground for training the specialists to obtain highest educational degrees.
Identifyingthe current and future needs and challenges of NIOC concentrating on the fields of target technology
Potential effectiveness of projects in quantitative improvement of production and development of the reservoirs
Creating constant link between research and technology department and the objectives of the predetermined programs and upstream documents
Utilizing the existing capabilities of universities and higher education institutes at home and abroad as well as research centers inside the petroleum industry
Conducting applied research projects to be used in EOR projects
Contributing to production optimization in oil and gas fields
Developing new technologies and meeting petroleum industry technical and specialized needs
Paving grounds for technology transfer
Endeavoring to convert NIOC from an operation-oriented company to knowledge- based one
Obtaining and enjoying from knowledge borders, and developing modern technologies in the upstream sector
making efforts to create the required infrastructure to upgrade technology and productivity level
using universities and research institutes academic knowledge as the supreme consultants in selected oil and gas fields – storages technology.
The activities of the Research and Technology Directorate are divided into two parts: domestic activities and international cooperation in terms of enhanced recovery from oil and gas reservoirs.
A-    Domestic Activities
Supervising and directing approved research projects in the competent universities as well as research- scientific centers
Sponsoring MA/MSc and PhD students' projects
Information dissemination
B- International Cooperation
IOR and EOR research within the framework of international consortium for enhanced recovery
Activity in National Oil Companies (NOCs)
activity in World Petroleum Congress (WPC)
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