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Incorporate Planning Directorate
The establishment of Incorporate Planning Directorate dates back to 1973, when the responsibility of reserves, oil plants and South oil fields were delegated to NIOC by consortium. In those days, the directorate had seven staff. On 11 September1979 in parallel with establishment of Petroleum Ministry, there were some gradual changes in structure and missions of the directorate which led to merger of Planning Departments of the ministry and NIOC.In2002, these two departments separated again, and NIOC Incorporate Planning started work separately. The directorate has four deputies responsible for: planning and incorporating projects and plans, reviewing hydrocarbon resources (Oil and Gas), economic and financial Feasibility study of the projects, supervising energy consumption optimization and projects' evaluation. The directorate has two departments as well: Management and systems information center, and administrative services.
Objectives and Activities
Achieving an exquisite position in production planning and investment, technical and economic studies of projects, allocating resources and supervising implementation of NIOC projects through:
 ■NIOC short, mid and long planning
 ■Strategic planning through using all capacities and opportunities
 ■Updating supply and demand information of energy carriers in the hydrocarbon resources section
 ■Hydrocarbon resources management in the aspects of in place resources confirmation, resources quantity, recovery factors and production and consumptions
 ■Monitoring and cooperation in fields development specially in joint fields
 ■Final confirmation or decision making in the provided MDPs
 ■Monitoring and developing EOR/TOR projects
Oil and gas processing establishment management and revising them
Oil and gas transfer method management to the export terminals
Directing and prioritizing investment projects aimed at materialization of plans
Leading research projects toward preserving oil and gas reservoirs
Supervising and controlling projects through implementation of PMIS
Feasibility studies of projects and conducting economic evaluation of projects
Analyzing the economic result of projects and plans and prioritizing investments
Planning to achieve optimization in the assets basket, and portfolio management
Applying quota system for capital credits, and screening development projects within the framework of the board approved plans and policies
Studying and analyzing credit and capital resources, calculation of revenues, costs and resources, capital usages
Financial and credit planning of projects based domestic resources, cash, and other credit resources
 ■Supplying, equipping and allocating credit resources like banking credits, finance financial facilities, refinance similar to credits of oil and gas mutual insurance, energy fund, foreign currency credit lines,…
 ■Reviewing and studying the fundamentals of pricing of crude, gas condensates, oil and gas products, refinery and petrochemicals feedstock
 ■Obtaining approvals for development and capital projects from Economy Supreme Council, Oil Working Group, Economic Policies Headquarters, and other legal and authorities
 ■Requesting issuance of permit for investors from NIOC domestic resources (article 87, law for developing a part of government's financial regulations) by Economy Supreme Council
 ■Considering and following up exchange of accords on projects for possessing capital assets with division of Strategic Planning and Supervision of the President's Office
 ■Cooperating in budgeting, control, and composing articles, notes, and proposed edicts for the budget law, law for the five –year development plan, and other upstream documents
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