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Oil and Gas Production, Coordination and Supervision Directorate
The directorate is one of the administrative directorates of NIOC established in 2003.It aims at enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of services as well as creating coordination between upstream and downstream sectors in the Petroleum Ministry, coordinating and supervising the performance of production and service companies affiliated to NIOC, production continuation based on maximum use of resources and ensuring that oil and gas plans are properly implemented.
The directorate has four deputies: oil production supervision, gas production supervision, Gas exchanges, and oil and gas quantity and quality measurement supervision, oil and gas coordination Division. The four deputies run these divisions benefitting from skilful staff to realize the missions of the directorate.
Objectives and Activities
 ■Supervising production and distribution of crude, gas, gas liquids, gas condensates, and other oil products, injecting water and gas according to the plans, while ensuring safeguarded production
 ■Following up projects and plans effective in production as well as EOR projects
 ■Coordinating between production and distribution origins to meet domestic and export needs
 ■Ensuring the proper performance of systems for oil and gas quantity and quality measurement systems
 ■Coordinating and supervising and performance of the maintenance / overhaul plans of production companies and those companies that receive feedstock from NIOC
 ■Coordinating and constant supervision to enhance production from oil and gas shared fields/reservoirs
 ■Coordinating and supervising implementation of contracts, following up and developing contracts for domestic sales
 ■Coordinating and supervising implementation of oil and gas production plans, and supervising the operation of production companies in oil and gas fields
 ■Following up the project for equipping upstream plants with accurate measurement systems
 ■Supervising launch of oil and gas dispatching systems, and directing research projects
 ■Empowering manpower through upgrading know-how by holding constant and target-oriented training courses
 ■Supervising the projects pertaining to improving quality of products
 ■Expanding relationship with research centers and universities to remove production bottlenecks
 ■Coordinating and making decision in case of crude production increase or decrease, ensuring safeguarded production from oil and gas fields
 ■Adopting the required decisions, and taking preventive and remedial measures to prevent the slump of crude oil quality
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