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Information Technology and Communications Directorate
Undoubtedly, ranking the first in terms of economic, scientific and technological affairs which is at top of the agenda and twenty-year objectives of I.R. Iran cannot be realized unless knowledge based development replaces basic resources development. As pioneer in the oil industry, Information Technology and Communication Directorate paves the ground for growth and elevation of oil , gas and petrochemical industries in knowledge based fields through benefitting from advanced information technology and communication as well as the knowledge of experienced experts and specialists. As the strategic partner and facilitator, the directorate assists all operational and administrative departments and supports them. The directorate has managed to take effective measures in resources management and upgrading productivity and quality of services through designing, developing, operating and supporting advanced systems.
Missions, Values and Outlook
 ■Development in learning, pioneer and thoughtful oil industry
 ■Organizational creativity and prudence
 ■Pioneer in knowledge and wisdom based learning in the oil industry
 ■Elevation and briskness through full-fledged and integrated incorporation of oil business through using information technology
 ■Superiority in quality, security and reducing costs in terms of standard oriented affairs
 ■Pioneer in accountability toward community, and environment in the oil industry
 ■Pioneer in moving toward the oil industry which is based on superior knowledge and wisdom in creating values; it has plans to become the leading department in the next two decades
 ■Moving toward oil industry based on wisdom and thoughtfulness while concentrating on information technology
 ■Creating proper and desirable IT environment for development of the industry
 ■Improving efficiency and effectiveness of managerial and executive pillars through using IT in the oil industry
 ■Upgrading knowledge while focusing on creativity to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
 ■Inclusive and integrated deployment of IT across the oil industry
 ■Planning and making electronic business processes smart in oil industry
 ■Integration with other units in line with safeguarding oil and gas reservoirs through using IT
 ■Breaking into domestic and overseas IT services markets
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