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Human Resources Development Directorate
Human Resource Development Management Committee, under the direct supervision of the Director of National Iranian Oil Company, is carrying out the duties and responsibilities assigned to them. Its main mission is to provide, develop, maintain and implement effective and efficient human resources, commensurate with the company's goals. Also all activities and measures of this management are under a strategic management programs.
Management of human resource development is an integrated, up to date, and legitimacy system and with a more efficient and effective structure, positions and work processes, takes steps in line with the objectives of the National Iranian Oil Company to create human capital capable and committed to meet the needs of enterprises, security and development, so that the goals of the organization, employees and society to be realized.
·        Strengthen the relationship between domestic and international interest organizations
·        Creating institutional capacity of professional ethics and organizational culture committed to the approach of meritocracy
·         Extension of employee participation in decision-making and organizational decisions
·        Change educational culture to culture of learning and career oriented education
·         Using internal capacity
·         Using scientific method at work
·         Benefit from the latest scientific and experimental approaches in successful international companies in human resource development programs
·         Increasing the alignment and integration of individual and organizational goals with social goals
·         Developing and strengthening research and development and applied research in the field of human resources
·         Develop and strengthen consultation and Work Ethics
·         Improve the quality and quantity of the organizational structure
·         Optimization of human resource pyramid
·         Improve the quality and empowerment of human resources
·         Institutionalization of effective succession planning system
·         Improve competencies and management capabilities of managers
·         Supply of quality manpower
·         Improve the quality and quantity of sports facilities
·         Improve the quality and quantity and distribution of health services
·         Review and improve organizational processes
·         The establishment of knowledge management
·         Improve the quality and compensation system
Human Resources Directorate: Timeline
2006-Present: director of human resources development
1985-2006: director of administrative affairs
1982-1984: director of administrative and human resources affairs
1979-1981: acting director of administrative affairs
1975-1978: director of staff affairs
1968-1974: director of administrative, financial and inspection affairs
1960: director of staff relations
Promoting culture of prayers and reviving the principle of promotion of virtue and prevention of vice
Human resources planning
Human resources training
Management information systems
Human resources logistics
Human resources evaluation and development
Productivity and entrepreneurship
Social assistance and counseling
Administrative services
Administrative and employment regulations
Physical exercises
Strategic planning and research
Filing documents
Address: Secretariat of the Human Resources Development Directorate, Room 504, 5th floor, NIOC First Central Building, Hafez Crossing, Taleghani Ave., Tehran
Tel.: +98 21 61622597   +98 2161622265      
Direct Tel. of the Head of Office: +98 2161623400
Fax: +98 2188941103