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Legal Affairs Directorate
Management of Legal Affairs of the National Iranian Oil Company as the supreme legal expert cooperates to contribute achieving the goals of the country's oil industry under the direct supervision of the deputy minister and CEO of NIOC in external and internal sections.
a)      External Section
Advisory: comment on all legal issues in order to create a single legal practice in the oil industry, providing answers to questions of all units, management and subsidiary companies subject to the laws and regulations. Supervision of instructions, regulations and directives of the oil industry.
Contracts: review and comment on all contracts and tender documents.
Claims: Set petitions, complaints and participate in judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings and preparing defense claims and respond to regulatory authorities.
Land Registry: land affairs, including gain, acquisition, possession, etc.
Settlement Agreement: review of the process and implementation of contracts and how and why a dispute over contracts and proposals to resolve differences.
b)      Internal Section
Contracts: drawing up three generations of service contracts known as buy-back in the upstream sector, cooperation in the regulation of the new generation of the IPC for upstream integrated activities (exploration, development, production and operation) to monitor and advance contract negotiations with the foreign and multinational oil companies (IOCs), adjust the financing agreements (Finance) in relation to oil industry plans, the regulation of foreign exchange contracts presented in cooperation with known country's banks, set up official documents related to the negotiations with oil neighboring states and other countries in the form of negotiated agreements (MOU), meetings reports (MOM) and etc...
Claims: Legal follow-up investigation of potential claims of NIOC against foreign sides, defense of lawsuits filed against NIOC, in the International Commercial courts, observing the legal aspects of sanctions and their impact on the country's oil industry, protest against the sanctions imposed against Iran's oil industry and follow international protest legally, participation in lawsuits Committee for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
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