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Exploration Directorate
Oil and gas exploration started in Iran in the final years of the Qajar rule. Iran awarded a concession to William Knox D’Arcy in 1909. Seven years later, exploration entered a new phase in Iran with the discovery of Masjed Soleyman oil field. Except for eight years of war from 1980 to 1988 following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, oil exploration has continued without any halt. In recent years, exploration has picked up speed as Iran has developed technology for exploration and attracted investment in its oil and gas fields. Huge oil and gas fields like Azadegan, Yadavaran and South Pars have been discovered by engineers at the NIOC Exploration Directorate.
NIOC Exploration Directorate is the oldest body with experience in discovering oil and gas reserves. As the beating heart of the petroleum industry, it has been instrumental in the revival of the petroleum industry in recent years. As a knowledge-based organization, the NIOC Exploration Directorate has been planning research projects based on the NIOC major policies. The Exploration Directorate also drafts agreements for oil and gas exploration projects.
The activities of the Exploration Directorate in recent years have resulted in big recovery from hydrocarbon reservoirs and promoted Iran’s status among OPEC member states.
The long-term objective pursued by the NIOC Exploration Directorate in the 2025 horizon is to acquire the top spot in oil and gas exploration in the region.
Objectives and Priorities
The Exploration Directorate is one of the main and strategic directorates of NIOC. It is tasked with exploring hydrocarbon reserves in Iran’s sedimentary regions. To that effect, the Exploration Directorate makes plans and policies and supervises all exploration activities in offshore oil and gas reservoirs. With five sub-directorates and eight administrative units, the Exploration Directorate pursues the following objectives:
·        Exploration of oil and gas from joint hydrocarbon fields
·        Exploration of oil from new fields to maintain oil production capacity
·        Exploration of oil and gas deeper into under-development field
·        Enhanced oil recovery from operating fields in order to relieve pressure on old reservoirs
·        Exploration of oil and gas beneath the Paleozoic layer, in oil rings of gas fields, stratigraphic traps, salt domes
·        Exploration of gas in oil-rich regions for gas injection into operating fields
·        Exploration of gas in independent fields in order to substitute oil products
·        Development of exploration activities in sedimentary regions
·        Maximizing the rate of success in exploring new resources through conducting extensive exploration studies and prioritizing exploration objectives to reduce risks and costs
·        Indigenizing all stages of hydrocarbon fields exploration
·        Access to technology for exploration from non-conventional hydrocarbon reservoirs
·        Management and development of exploration technical knowledge
·        Protecting the environment throughout exploration operations
Address: Exploration Directorate, 1st Dead-end, Seoul St., Sheikh Bahei Sq., Tehran
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