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HSE Directorate
Civil Defense and Crisis Management
The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Directorate was established in December 2000 and started its activity by studying the HSE, civil defense and management crisis at NIOC before improving them based on international models.
This directorate was established to coordinate activities pertaining to HSE, firefighting and technical inspection and also to prepare the necessary infrastructure for the establishment of integrated HSE system, civil defense and management crisis at NIOC. HSE safeguards the petroleum industry against potential dangers.
Protecting the environment and reducing environmental damage
 Protecting manpower and reducing job-related diseases
Securing equipment and protecting the NIOC assets
 Institutionalizing the culture of honoring regulations, standards and HSE in all NIOC activities
Major Activities
Planning and elucidating policies in HSE sector for NIOC
Adopting comprehensive annual HSE, civil defense and crisis management plan
Elucidating HSE regulations and standards for NIOC
 Defining criteria and indices to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of HSE management system for NIOC
Establishment of an integrated management system for accidents
Application of periodic auditing and assessment to study factors affecting HSE elements
Monitoring the establishment of integrated capital system in order to ensure effective technical inspection in all stages
Management of waste, wastewater, air pollution, crude oil desulphurization and bioremediation
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