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Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)
Research Institute of Petroleum Industry was initially established under the title of “Iran Petroleum Industry Research Development Office” in 1959. Its primary aim was carrying out research on application of petroleum materials. After revolution of Islamic Republic of Iran, the office was changed into a center for “Research and Scientific Services” and it has continued its activities in order to achieve the objectives. In 1989, upon the formal agreement of the development council of Department of Culture and Higher Education, the center was called “Research Institute of Petroleum Industry” and with the aim of carrying out fundamental, applied, and developmental researches has continued doing its activities.
The research activities of RIPI are divided into three main sections, namely “Research and development of upstream petroleum industry paradise”, “research and development of downstream petroleum industry paradise” and “research and development of energy and environment paradise”.
Faculty of Research and Development in Upstream Petroleum Industry (FRDUPI(
FRDUPI is comprised of three independent research divisions: "Geosciences Division", "Petroleum Engineering Division" and "Reservoir Studies and Field Development Division". Apart from the three mentioned divisions, FRDUPI has also organized a "Center for Upstream Software Development".
With an emphasis on human resources, knowledge, experienced and efficient and modern equipment, with a teamwork approach, the faculty tries to doing basic research and applied studies, scientific and laboratory services and scientific consulting and management technological to meet the needs of upstream oil industry and to handle challenges of operation in the country.
Faculty of Research and Development in Downstream Petroleum Industry
The faculty consists of five Institutes of Technology refining and processing of oil, Institute of Process and IT equipment, Catalyst Institute, Institute of Chemical Technology, Polymer and Petrochemicals, the development of nanotechnology and carbon group, oil technology research and development center in Kermanshah.
Faculty of Energy and Environmental Research and Development
Consisting of three Research Divisions: Environment and Biotechnology, Industrial Protection, and Energy Technologies and a Research Group (i.e. Analytical Chemistry), conducts numerous R&D plans in order to develop the know-how and technologies required by Iran's oil industry.
Furthermore, it has the mission of offering trouble shooting services to the domestic oil industry in the fields of Energy, Industrial protection and Environment.
The faculty also has a project to develop Sirri Island to a Green Island and took over the project in Assaluyeh for quantification and modeling of air pollution in the area.
RIPI Vision and Mission
Pioneer in development of technology and technological solutions in the petroleum industry and is committed to sustainable development in 1404 perspective plan
The mission of RIPI consists of production, transmission and supply of technologies for the oil industry, development of new products, continuous improvement of operational processes and discovery programs, development and optimal utilization of energy resources. We have an active presence in the world and enjoying the mechanisms of open innovation system, improve core competencies, develop strategic relationships with academic institutions and national and international researches and product developers, to accomplish our mission. Intellectual capital is the main source of our drive towards excellence. We are committed to ethical values and sustainable development, and we are active in the design and making the environmental standards operational.
Long-term goals of RIPI
Technology Areas
Research and technology development in below fields:
·         Exploration, development and optimal utilization of hydrocarbon resources
·         Standardization, providing procurement, equipment and strategic materials needed for oil industry
·         Development, improvement and optimization of process technologies for the oil industry
·         Solving environmental problems, processes development and energy optimization
Communications and Customers
·         Development of relations with national and international academic, research and industry centers to develop, transfer, localization technologies needed for oil industry
·         Strengthening of interaction with foreign and domestic capital markets and technology
·         Customer relation management
Structure and Processes Fields
·         Deployment of knowledge management
·         Complete production chain and commercialization of technology
·         Create mechanisms to manage portfolio
·         Align the structure, processes and organizational methods
Strategic Goals
Area Sources
·         Strengthening human Resources
·         Integrating performance management with compensation
·         Create a portfolio management process with the impact of the key performance indicators in order to increase productivity
Address: RIPI, Azadi Stadium Complex Blvd, Tehran
P. O. Box: 14665-1998
Tel.: +98 21 48252085     +98 21 48252625
Fax: +98 21 44739712