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Pension Fund
Petroleum Industry Pension Fund was established in 1947 and its Articles of Association were revised in 1960 and 1977. The fund belongs to its members who are all petroleum industry staff.
According to NIOC’s charter, the fund is operated by a Board of Trustees who is in fact members of the Board of Directors of NIOC.
In January 1999, the fund’s Board of Trustees adopted a decision according to which below sections have been added to the fund’s charter:
·        Board of Directors
·        Director of Fund
·        Inspection
Providing the necessary fund for paying pensions to petroleum industry retirees was the main objective of the establishment of this fund.
A Brief Account of the Statute
Pension funds contribute to investment with a view to protecting the interests of employees and retirees. To that end, the fund enjoys every right including purchase, sale and hiring of movable and immovable properties as well as commercial and economic activities.

·        Board of Trustees (NIOC’s Board of Directors)
·        Board of Directors
·        Director of fund
·        Inspection
Board of Trustees: According to article 35 of the NIOC statute, NIOC Board of Directors is the Fund's board of trustees.
Director of Fund
The director of the fund is the highest executive in the fund’s hierarchy. He is charged with coordinating affairs and safeguarding the fund’s assets. He represents the fund before government, police and judiciary officials as well as natural and legal persons.
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