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Iranian Oil Terminals Company
Iranian Oil Terminals Company is one of the subsidiaries of NIOC, active in storing measurement, laboratory services, crude oil and products export and import operation, gas condensates export, and marine services. Its major mission includes supporting continuity oil gas through operation processes-receiving, storing, loading and uploading (export and import) of crude oil and oil products, swap, completion and improvement of oil and gas value chain, playing a feasible role in optimized sustainability and flexibility of supply chain of national, regional and international energy.
Operational Zones
·         Kharg Oil Terminal
kharg Island is the largest crude oil Terminal in the country. Crude oil is received from IOOC and NISOC and is exported to various destinations through benefiting from 40 crude oil storage tanks of 22 million barrel capacity, and two export jetties T and Azarpad.
·         North Oil Terminal
Due to the strategic position of I.R. Iran in Caspian Sea, and its pivotal role in transfer and transit of central Asia crudes to other countries in the world, some basic and infrastructural installation constructed in “Neka port” to receive, store, process and transfer the crude of Caspian Sea littoral countries through Swap.
·         Mahshahr oil Terminal
Abadan refinery oil products are stored in Mahshahr oil terminal, and terminal is used to export and import of various oil products, as well. The major activities of the terminals company are concentrated on marine operations (berthing and parting of oil product ships), offering safety services, and search and rescue operations.
Contact Information

Address: Oil Terminals Company PR, Headquarters building, Kharg Island
Tel.: +98 772-2823701 - +98 722-2823024
Fax: +98 772-2822982
Address: No.17, Beyhaqi St., Argantin Sq., Tehran
Tel. +98 21-88534826
Fax: +98 21- 88534829