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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC)
After victory if the glorious Islamic revolution, and foreign experts leaving Iran, NIDC founded by command of the founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini; and through utilizing and operating 6 drilling rigs NIDC formally stated its activity.
-          Providing technical and engineering services, and operating drilling rig in offshore and onshore fields by Iranian experts
-          Supporting local manufactures in order to manufacture parts and equipment, and drilling rigs
-          Managing, operating, planning, and implementation of relevant tasks by Iranian experts
-          Safeguarded production from oil and gas resources
-          Making drilling industry expertise indigenous
-          Expanding oversea activities through exporting technical and engineering services
Activity field
Due to the vast range of operations, NIDC is considered one of the biggest subsidiaries of NIOC. The company is active in various provinces- northern regions (Sarakhs, Khangiran), Southern regions (Persian Gulf), central parts of Iran, west and south west of Iran. In general, NIDC is active in over 10 provinces wherein oil and gas recovery is feasible.
Drilling operation fleet is divided into three categories-onshore drilling operation 1, onshore drilling operation 2 and offshore drilling operation through using 74 onshore and offshore drilling rigs in line with economic development plan, oil production enhancement policy, and expanding activities as one of the fundamental elements in productions process.
Contact Information:
Address: NIDC, Airport Square, Pasdaran Blvd., Ahvaz
+98 611 4440151-7
PR Tele Fax:
+98 611 4443338
P.O. Box: