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Kalanaft Company
In the past, oil, gas and petrochemical industries’ logistic activities implemented by commerce directorate of NIOC.
After victory of the Islamic revolution, and based on the approval of NIOC board of directorates, and after conducting some surveys, London Kala Naft Company founded to procure industrial requirements of oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Following that, Tehran Kala Naft founded as Mother Company in 1982.
In order to expand such activities in international level, some other offices founded in other countries namely Japan, Canada, UAE (Sharjeh), China and Russia.
In 1990, with respect to the new responsibility in relation with supporting local industries, the company renamed as “MSP KALA NAFT”. The company’s responsibilities divided into two categories:
1) Procurement of industrial goods,
2) Supporting local manufacturers.

·         Supporting and technical and expertise evaluation of capabilities of local manufacturers of the required equipment of petroleum industry
·         Developing web-based vendor list for the Ministry
·         Benefiting from modern methods of e-commerce
·         Package purchase, and purchase based on open contracts
·         Offering financial services, as well as opening L/C all over the world
·         Offering expert commercial services, and keeping the data of 550 major and minor mechanized warehouses
·         Categorizing and standardizing consuming items and spare parts (MESC)
·         Offering the most reliable and the fastest cargo transportation services-air, marine, land
·         Designing and developing goods e-purchase system, and locally manufactured goods
Contact Information
Address: Shahid Mousa Kalantari St., Sepahbod Qarani Avenue, Tehran
Tel.: +98 21 82019 - +98 21 88912231-6
Electronic Tel.: +98 21 820144
P.O. Box: 1450-15815-1775, 15855-119-15 855
Zip Code: 1598844816