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Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC)

PEDEC founded as a subsidiary of NIOC in 1994 TO manage and supervise implementation of giant oil and gas projects. There is around 500 efficient and technical staff working for PEDEC. In line with implementation of various offshore and onshore projects has had cooperation with local and foreign contractors and engineering companies, and has prepared the required grounds for technology transfer to Iran.
Projects for development of oil fields through signing buyback contracts: Salman oil and gas field, Daroud oil field, Gathering associated gases of south oil-rich regions (Amak), Darkhoein oil field, Masjid Suleyman oil field, Azadegan oil field, Yadavaran oil field, Jofeir oil field.
- Development projects through domestic resources:
Studies on crude oil production enhancement gas injection in Aghajar oil field, development of heavy oil fields, development of Mansouri field, construction of crude oil storage tanks, Kish gas field development, development of Anaran block (Azar and Changouleh), development of Bandar Karkheh field.
In line with implementation of development projects based on I.R. Iran’s elevated values, PEDEC is responsible for the following:
·         Safe and risk-free implementation of projects
·         Achievement of national inclusive needs
·         Timely implementation of projects
·         Maintaining quality, and ecological balance in the trend of implementation of projects through adopting proper methods
·         Adopting proper approaches for implementation of projects in the framework of national standards

·         Improving quality as secret of survival, and utilizing work environment high level standards
·         Recognizing and allocating initiations and innovations to enhance values as progress fundamental principle
·         Promoting and cultivating high level behavioral and qualitative standards for achieving a strong legal identity
·         Promoting and fostering honesty and integration as a major principle in work
·         Promoting coordination and enhancing understanding among various contractors of a project 
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