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Karanj development negotiations to be finalized next month

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ Managing director of the National Iranian South Oil Company declared that a contract for the development of the Karanj oil field will be finalised until next month and the contract of Shadegan oil field will be effective before the end of this Persian year. He said that the company will develop 27 reservoirs in the new contract framework of Job Based, EPCF and EPDF over two next years with investing more than 4.37 billion $ to add 340,000 barrels to daily oil production of NISOC.

Bijan Alipour, in a talk with the reporter of the National Iranian Oil Company's Information Service, said that NISOC is open to contractors keen on participating and investing in upstream projects of the oil industry along with financing. He said: NISOC activities in this field are divided to “Field-based” and “Operation-based”.
Field-based " activities are related to the development of four Karanj, Parsi, Rag-sefid and Shadegan fields based on the new contract format of NISOC, Karanj and Shadegan projects will be finalized soon.
Eliminating the problems and barriers of production in NISOC
Alipour stated that the second part of the activities related to the development and expansion of hydrocarbon fields under the management of NISOC is "Operation-based", which for this purpose required number of operations (including drilling of new wells, well-based issues and surface facilities) will be implemented under the supervision of the company to increase the production from 27 discussed reservoirs. The plan of these operations has been sent to the NIOC and with its implementation, many production Problems and limitations will be eliminated.
He stated that NISOC has plan to develop 27 reservoirs that form 63 percent of its current production, in a wide range of different work packages, including Drilling, Subsidiary services (10 to 20 vertical and horizontal wells), Packages for increasing the production of wells (hydraulic fracturing and ...) and optimization and construction of surface facilities (production, desalination, gas gathering, NGL And ...) under the management of this company in different fields, within the framework of the New Job-Based Contract Model of NISOC as well as EPCF and EPDF, will be presented.
Development of 27 reservoirs and 656,000 barrels increment of oil production per day
Alipour said, according to the plans, 27 reservoirs of NISOC during two years, with a cost of more than 4.37 billion $, are being developed within the framework of the new Job-Based contract model, EPCF and EPDF contract models, and A total of 656,000 barrels of oil production per day will be achieved by carrying out substandard operations to maintain and increase production in this sector.
He said that from a total of 656,000 barrels, 340,000 barrels belong to production increment and 316,000 barrels are related to production maintenance. He stated, in the subsurface section, there should be around 280 new drillings, hundreds of down-hole operations, Repairs and workover plus 130 surface facility projects will be implemented.
No interference between the capping process of the blew out well of Rag-Sefid and NISOC development activities
He said that the activities of each department of NISOC, independently and in coordination with other sectors, are being implemented. He stated that the various management sectors of the company, such as engineering and construction management, technical management, management of legal affairs and Contracts, etc., carry out their missions naturally, and now 50 drilling rigs and 23 workover rigs are carrying out drilling operations, repairs, acidizing, etc., and the occurrence of some unpredictable events such as the blow out does not affect the implementation of the regular plans of this large organization.
He noted that during the past two months, significant steps have been taken to implement development, maintenance and production plans in NISOC, adding that the contract negotiations for the development of Karanj, Shadegan and Rag-Sefid Fields have been pursued. Accordingly, the contract for the development of the Karanj field will be finalized by the next month, and the development plan for the Shadegan oil field will be signed before the end of this year.
Contract negotiations will be finalized by the last week of January
He mentioned that many negotiations have been done with Pergas International Consortium (PIC) and MAPNA to develop Karanj field. After holding several technical meetings between members of the NISOC field development Committee and the companies, they delivered their studies and plans focusing on how to increase production, estimate the amount of investment and upgrade the surface facility, on October 2017, in a formal meeting of senior oil managers of NISOC and Pergas International Consortium have been selected by NISOC as the contractors to sign the TSC for Karanj field by the end of January.
He said that the Shadegan field studies were completed with the aim of providing a comprehensive development plan for the field (MDP) by two Russian Tatneft and Zarubezhneft companies and the Iranian companies of Pasargad and Tenko. Contractual negotiations will continue with these Russian and Iranian companies. After a thorough review of their proposed projects, Shadegan's contract of development will be finalized and signed before mid-winter with the company with the best offer (February).
The volume of activities carried out for the development of 27 reservoirs is unprecedented
The large volume of activities undertaken to transfer the development of 27 oil reservoirs to the foreign companies have been unprecedented. in the past two month more than thousand pages of tender documents were submitted for the implementation of the surface and subsurface operations, drilling, and workover, in addition to the financial and cost estimates. Each of the reservoirs is ready for the tender process.
"The heavy workload at this level NISOC has been unprecedented, and the executive team were working on these issues 12 to 16 hours a day," he said.
The result of the activities of NISOC on the development of 27 reservoirs in the context of the New Job-Based Model, EPCF and EPDF, which has been prepared by competent domestic financial advisors, has been sent to CEO of NIOC and Oil Minister as well as the management of the integrated planning.
He emphasized that the above-mentioned measures have been finalized and concluded in recent weeks. In addition to the activities mentioned, over the past two months, a set of companies that are eager to participate and invest in development projects of NISOC has been evaluated under the new Job-Based Contract Model, EPCF and EPDF Contracts.
Determine the competence of 40 companies to participate in NISOC development projects
Alipour said: a total of 68 companies that applied to participate in oilfield projects, after thorough technical, financial, performance appraisal, 40 companies were added to the Vendor List of Qualified Companies of NISOC.
According to him, the results of these evaluations were sent to the Engineering Deputy of Oil Minister, NIOC R&D, NIOC CEO, and Oil Minister. And it was determined what other companies are now able to participate and finance in the upstream projects of the oil industry.


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