Tuesday, October 27, 2020   20:49:46
South Pars Phases 22-24 Gas Recovery up 200 mcf

TEHRAN (NIOC) The head of the offshore section of South Pars 22-24 phases' development project said 3 new wells had become operational in the project which added 200 mcf to the phases’ gas output.

According to Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), Mehrdad Kazemi, referring to the operation of the SPD22 platform of South Pars Phases 22 to 24 in January 2019, said: "By observing safety requirements, hook-up activities and launching three wells in the SPD22 platform, the number of wells in the production operation of this platform increased.”

Regarding the measures taken to fully exploit and complete the capacity of the South Pars SPD22 platform, he said with planning and round-the-clock efforts, all hook-up activities of casting, equalization and flow line of wellhead for three wells were completed within 10 days by relying on local forces.


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