Tuesday, October 27, 2020   22:05:45
Histrionic Upswing in South Pars Gas Recovery During Rouhani's Administration

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ The CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company stated that the current capacity of gas production from the South Pars joint gas field is 700 million cubic meters per day, and said: “420 million cubic meters of this amount was added to the field’s production capacity under the Rouhani administration.”

Speaking to IRIB, Mohammad Meshkinfam noted the 94% fulfillment of the company's instructed production plan, saying all phases of the gas field, excluding phase 11, were productive.

He said of 37 out of 39 offshore platforms have been installed in the offshore field and of 13 refineries, 12 have become operational in the onshore facilities of the massive gas field

Emphasizing that the development part of the field was being completed, he said from now on “we should start the second part of the South Pars development, which is far more important than the first part, which is to maintain production in the field. Currently, a large part of the country's energy is supplied from this joint field

The CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company stated that by development of other fields and enhancing productivity of South Pars, 75% of the country’s demand for energy would still be met from the field in the next 25 years


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