Wednesday, June 16, 2021   05:23:12
Platform 08 of Hendijan Field Successfully Installed

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ Wellhead Platform 08 of Hendijan offshore oilfield was successfully installed for production of 10,000 b/d of oil from the field.

The structure, weighing nearly 1,000 tons, was designed and constructed by Iranian builders and was installed in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday.

The platforms 07 and 08 of Hendijan field were loaded from Bandar Abbas Yard in early September. Platform 08 was successfully installed in its position today and Platform 07 will be installed in the coming days

The installation of platforms 07 and 08 is aimed at increasing production safety and paving the way for increasing the production capacity of Hendijan field and is under way by the Iranian Offshore Oil Company

The produced oil from Hindijan field is sent to the facilities of Bahregansar platform after entering the central platform of Hendijan

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