Wednesday, June 16, 2021   06:49:01
Countdown starts for ِdrilling in South Pars Phase 11

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ The CEO of Petropars Group announced the movement of the drilling rig to the location of phase 11 of South Pars Gas Field in the Persian Gulf waters.

According to the Petropars Group, Hamidreza Masoudi said on Friday evening that the drilling operation of the last phase of the South Pars joint field would begin in the coming days with the installation of a drilling rig.

Despite the cruel sanctions, financial shortages and the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is hoped that with the efforts of local engineers and specialists and with the planning done, the initial production of phase 11 of South Pars will begin soon.

The development plan for Phase 11 of South Pars has been completely handed over to Petropars due to sanctions after the withdrawal of France’s Total and the international branch of the CNPC.


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