Saturday, July 02, 2022   22:47:26
MOGC Fully Realizes Production Plan

TEHRAN (NIOC) _ The CEO of Maroon Oil and Gas Production Company announced the 100 fulfillment of the company's production plan for the calendar year of 1400 which ended on March 20.

According to Maroon Oil and Gas Production Company, Hamid Kavian considered the continuous efforts of each employee as the key to solving all technical and operational problems in the company, and said: “Based on the forecasts and assessment of the level of capability of the company's employees, it will not be difficult to reach the production rate before the sanctions, and this readiness can be seen at all levels of the organization.”

He underlined the great achievement of the company in 1400, and added: "With the accurate implementation and continuation of the futuristic view of the APG collection plan in the second half of 1400, the rate of flared gas decreased from 12% to 8%, meaning that now more than 92% of the associated gases are collected instead of being flared in the fields operated by the company


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